K.N., Annapolis, MD

“The vacation was awesome. It greatly exceeded my expectations. We loved the staff. We had Ruth, Francisco, and Lilian. Ruth has got to be the best cook. We thought we would lose a couple pounds by vacationing but gained instead. Francisco was great and didn’t miss a beat. We went on the canopy and Rafting tour. We got together with a guy by the name of Jose and his son Grabin and they took us on a water tour and through a river. Went on fishing trip. Had a few drinks at Father Roosters. Wes, Taryn and I all had massages on the boucony. A good time enjoyed by all. The internet pictures don’t do justice. We really enjoyed the birds and monkeys. I guess no one will understand how wonderful it is down there until they go. Thanks again for all your help. Be sure to stay in touch.”

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